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Birds of Prey
Oku Nojo Daiko
The Dog & Duck Show
Birds of Prey

Hawkeye Falconry UK is one of the most sought after falconry display teams in the UK. Years of experience and passion drive the team to exhibit the birds in a unique and professional manner and bring the ancient art of falconry to the modern age. Their bird of prey displays have been described as “A once in a lifetime opportunity not to be missed!” and also “Spellbinding”.   

The displays concentrate on the natural behaviours of the birds, whilst giving everybody, of all ages, a close encounter with the sport of falconry.   Whilst not in the arena you can meet them elsewhere in the Fair.

Oku Nojo Daiko

​If you’ve seen Oku Nojo Daiko perform it’s probably a main reason you’ll come to our Fair. If you haven’t seen them, be ready for some exciting music. Oku Nojo Daiko is North East Hampshire Area Schools' Taiko drummers. The music is a combination of sound and rhythm from drums of all shapes and sizes and together with dramatic choreography and movement creates a thrilling and dynamic spectacle. "Taiko" refers to the drums themselves and literally means "fat drum." Many shapes and sizes have developed through the long history of Japan and the most common size in Taiko is the size of a wine barrel. But they can range from the size of a snare drum to as large as a car! Taiko promises to be the first native Japanese music to spread through the world.Oku Nojo DaikoOku Nojo Daiko

Dog and Duck Show

'If we are the most intelligent creatures on earth, why do we try to make our domesticated animals understand our language, instead of understanding theirs?'


Stuart Barnes uses trained and untrained sheep dogs to herd ducks. It's fun and entertaining - but it's much more than that as Stuart also outlines common dog behaviour issues and how to resolve them. Stuart has visited over 100 countries and his passion for dogs has given him an incredible understanding of them - and he will explain that even untrained and poorly behaved dogs still have a natural programmed instinct.

Visit Stuart and his team between arena demonstrations in Westfield to find out more.

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